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Canary Goldfish – Carassius auratus

Canary Goldfish suitable for Garden ponds.


Canary Goldfish  – Carassius auratus

Description: The Goldfish is the most popular coldwater fish to be kept.  It was first selectively bred for color in ancient China more than 1,000 years ago, and several distinct breeds have since been developed. Goldfish breeds vary greatly in size, body shape, fin configuration, and coloration (various combinations of white, yellow, orange, red, brown, and black are known). Our Yellow Comets are generally bright yellow, although some variation may occur with yellow/white and black/yellow combinations. The comet goldfish can usually be distinguished from the common goldfish by its long, single and deeply forked tail fin.

Maximum Size: Upto 18″ but on average 8-12″ when mature. Please do not be under the myth of ‘They’ll only grow to the size of their home’. This is not true. Goldfish can also live well in excess of 15 years so please bear this in mind!

Environment: The Canary goldfish. One of our hardiest fish. These fish are ideal to grow in your aquarium (large only!) or garden pond. Goldfish require good filtration and will benefit from a well planted tank or pond. Most goldfish will breed quite quickly in a well established pond. They will peacefully mix with all other varieties of fish, however, they are significantly quicker than more Fancy Goldfish types and can out compete them.

We cannot ever recommend ‘Goldfish Bowls’ as a suitable living space for any fish. Note that Common Goldfish should reach a minimum length of 8″ and can reach sizes of upto 16″.

Water Conditions: Goldfish require a pH range of 7-8.5, Ammonia and Nitrite to be virtually 0ppm and dissolved oxygen saturation to remain above 4ppm. They are tolerable to lower oxygen saturation values than a lot of fish, although this is not recommended.

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