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Floating Koi Pellets – Premium Floating


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Our no-nonsense packaged High Quality Floating food for Koi and Pond fish.



Floating Koi Pellets

We have sources a quality all year round Koi Pellet suitable for Koi and Pond fish.

Available as a Premium floating Koi pellet that sustains an good growth rate whilst maintaining water quality. Formulated to meet digestible and amino acid levels without excessive protein levels.

To keep costs down we supply our Floating Koi Pellets in a no frills packaging (I have yet to meet a koi that can read or has improved development through the packaging).

Available in sizes from 3mm to 11mm.

1kg and 2kg supplied in Buckets, 5 and 10kg supplied bagged.

Premium Floating Koi Pellet

Typical Chemical Analysis

Protein 37 – 40%, Oil 8%, Crude ash 5.6%, Crude fibre 2.5%, Calcium 0.7%, Sodium 0.3%, Carbs. 40%, Phos. 0.8-1.0%, D.E. 15.30 MJ/kg, G.E 18.61 MJ/kg


Wheat, Maize Gluten, Soya (bean) meal, Fish meal, Soya (bean) protein concentrate, Fish oil, Mono ammonium phosphate, Vitamins and minerals.


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3mm 1kg, 3mm 2kg, 3mm 5kg, 3mm 10kg, 4mm 1kg, 4mm 2kg, 4mm 5kg, 4mm 10 Kg, 6mm 1kg, 6mm 2kg, 6mm 5kg, 6mm 10kg, 11mm 1kg, 11mm 2kg, 11mm 5kg, 11mm 10kg