About Us

MF Aquatics was established in late 2013 after a long lasting interest in coldwater fish through either keeping ornamental garden ponds or being an avid angler for over 25 Years!

After many years of watching poor advice and underhanded sales tactics (on a par with some car salesmen!), MF Aquatics was born out of a Hobby and a frustration at ‘the trade’. My aim was to run a small home based business in Derby, where advice was genuine, honest  and relevant. If you were to use our water testing service and there are zero issues we are not going to sell you a preventative remedy – mainly because they don’t really exist!

With that in mind you can rest assured we know what we want to achieve for our customers. Fishy wellbeing! It’s not just about Koi carp for Sale!

We have negotiated directly with farms and our CEFAS authorisation allows us to import directly (with the required paperwork and health checks!) from them from around the world.

We source Quality Koi from Israel and Superb fancy goldfish from Thailand, Singapore, China and Hong Kong.

We also work with a number of UK CEFAS authorised farms to source high quality Comets, Shubunkins, Orfe, Tench, Carp and other native species. as well as purchasing our own 12 acre site with native species and  pond plants in 2020.

Our fish are quarantined on site before sale to ensure you get healthy fish delivered to your door.

We have expanded throughout 2015/16 into the restocking and fishery management market and can also supply health certified coarse fish over the winter months for fisheries. Netting and Cropping services are also available.

In short, we can just about cover anything coldwater fish related in the UK!

New overnight fish delivery. New prices!

We are in the early stages of a trial with a new courier service. We are proud to be working with ESO Logistics, powered by DX couriers, to bring a

MF Aquatics bought the farm…

Dec 20 – Jan 21 Ok, so it’s not an actual farm (yet!), but as some of you may know who follow the Facebook page, we recently purchased a plot

Live Fish Delivery – Expensive?

APC have long been the ‘go to’ courier for live fish delivery in the UK. The process is fairly straightforwards and does carry a premium. Essentially us retailers pack fish

YouTube channel for MF Aquatics launched!

We have launched a YouTube channel to document some of our projects, showcase fish and publish tutorials. Over time we hope this will give a library of information and videos

Catch our Intro video on YouTube!

With a number of new followers on our Facebook page and new customers coming to the website. We have just completed a quick intro video. You can check it out

Winter is coming!

With the summer turning to autumn, shorter days and the Christmas products have been in the shops for weeks, winter is on its way. There are a number of things

New Website!

We are so pleased to launch our new website. It is much more ‘High Tech’ and should give a much better user experience. Some of the new features are highlighted

Buying Fish Online

Buying Fish Online As a predominantly online retailer we can see that some of our customers have concerns about buying fish online. There are many questions and concerns and indeed

Update – Eventually!

Well 2 years has flown by! We are still bringing you the greatest variety of pond fish and the unusual to boot! We just thought we’d bring an update and

Winter Opening Times

Well after a very busy summer and autumn we are now reducing our opening times. We will still be sending out deliveries during the week, but appointments are now evenings