Parasites & Illness

ChagScaleFrom time to time, and despite our best efforts, our fish friends do become sick. This can be for a whole variety of reasons.

Most commonly are water quality issues which can then lead to parasite outbreaks or other illness. Good quality water is the best medicine! But occasionally this does drop and we have an issue. We can assist with this if you are worried that your fish may be unwell.

We can perform a simple non intrusive test (a mucus sample or ‘scrape’) on the fish to determine what may be wrong. Using a microscope we can identify any parasitic activity and recommend a course of treatment as required.

If a fish has damaged itself we can also perform minor sedation and treat the affected area to prevent any further complications.

It can be very difficult to diagnose an exact condition as there are so many variable factors, in fact, most fish carry a very small amount of parasites at all times. It is only when something triggers these to become a nuisance that health issues occur. In some cases the causes can remain a mystery.
I myself have a large koi that spent the first 3 months in my pond lying on her side. Whilst I tested for everything I could find no real reason for the behaviour. One day, she just righted herself and has been the same ever since.

If you have any concerns about the health of your fish please contact us in the first instance. Water quality is usually the primary cause of fish sickness. We can discuss costs in visiting your home to advise on any issues you may be having.