Showa – 8-10″ (20 – 25cm)


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Showa available in 8-10″.


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Description: Showa are a black fish with red and white colouration. Showa are one of the original koi types and make up one of the Go Sanke variety (the others being Sanke and Kohaku). They are also found in Doitsu (Scaleless) varieties. They are also found in Doitsu (Scaleless) varieties. Israeli Koi over the size of 4-5″ are vaccinated against KHV, which offers peace of mind, and allows them to be added to ponds that have been subject to KHV historically.

Maximum Size: Upto 36″ but on average 12-16″ when mature.

Environment: As with all of the Koi types, the best possible water conditions are required. A well filtered pond with specific koi filtration is desired. Aeration though the addition of air pumps is also highly recommended.

Water Conditions: Koi require a pH range of 7-8.5, Ammonia and Nitrite to be virtually 0ppm and dissolved oxygen saturation to remain above 6ppm. They are tolerable to lower oxygen saturation values than a lot of fish, although this is not recommended.

As with any pet, please fully research for yourself to ensure that you can accommodate a fish of this type in your home.

These standard grade fish were imported by us from Israel in 2024. We cannot guarantee the pictured fish may still be available.

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