Roach – Rutilus rutilus


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Roach for Garden Ponds.



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Roach – Rutilus rutilus

Description: Roach, also known as the common roach, is a fresh and brackish water fish of the Cyprinidae family, native to most of Europe and western Asia.

An active shoal fish, it is very widespread throughout the UK. It will feed in the depths of winter. Its red eyes and bright silver make it an attractive alternative to Rudd. They can be mixed together and will naturally shoal together as well.

It will feed at any depth and can breed well in garden ponds. Likely to reach a maximum size of 12″ in a large garden pond.

Maximum Size: 12″ maximum, more likely 6-10″ in a well sized pond.

Environment: Roach are equally at home in a well filtered koi type pond as well as a naturally planted pond. More likely to breed in a planted pond though as they require roots and vegetation to lay their eggs on. A flow of water from a waterfall or fountain is advised in a more natural pond.

Water Conditions: Roach require a pH range of 7-8.5, Ammonia and Nitrite to be virtually 0ppm and dissolved oxygen saturation to remain above 8ppm.

As with any pet, please fully research for yourself to ensure that you can accommodate a fish of this type in your home.

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