Blue Orfe – Leuciscus idus


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Blue Orfe suitable for Garden Ponds.



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Blue Orfe – Leuciscus idus

Description: The Blue Orfe, is a very popular pond fish and was introduced to the UK in around 1874. It has a light blue colouration when mature, with almost silver/white sides. It is a slender species when viewed from above. Usually kept as a shoal fish with other Blue Orfe or  Golden Orfe, Ide and Rudd. Active species year round.

It’s natural counter part is the Ide, which inhabits ponds, lakes rivers and canals in the wild thoughout the UK and Europe.

Maximum Size: Upto 24″ but on average 12-16″ when mature.

Environment: The Blue Orfe requires similar conditions the the goldfish. A well filtered pond with the benefits of vegetation. It is a shoal fish so benefits from 3 or more of the same species to fulfill it’s shoaling desire. Whilst they occasionally breed in garden ponds, its usually those that have prolific weed growth and are well oxygenated.

Water Conditions: Blue Orfe require a pH range of 7-8.5, Ammonia and Nitrite to be virtually 0ppm and dissolved oxygen saturation to remain above 8ppm.  Orfe can be sensitive to certain pond treatments so please seek professional advice before treating your pond.

As with any pet, please fully research for yourself to ensure that you can accommodate a fish of this type in your home.


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