Kockney Koi Formalin


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Kockney Koi Formalin treatment for your pond. Always read the label!


Kockney Koi Formalin

Kockney Koi Formalin is an effective treatment against many ecto-parasites such as Whitespot, Flukes, Ciliates and Flagellates. This product is of the highest quality and is totally Zinc free.

Formalin can be effectively used in combination with Malachite Green for an effective parasite treatment.

Dosage Rates:

Use 10ml per 682 Litres (150 Gallons).

250 mls treats – 17000 Litres

500 mls treats – 34100 Litres

1ltr Treats


Do not use with Sturgeon, Tench or Orfe. Do not use below 12.5°C

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