Columbo Alparex – Parasite Treatment


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Columbo Alparex treatment for your pond. Always read the label!


Colombo Alparex

Colombo Alparex is a great pond treatment for parasites such as Trichodina, Chilodinella and Whitespot. We use this product for out quarantine process here and have used without issue on all of the Sturgeon species with no harmful effect (Please ensure instructions are followed!)

Alparex is also good at battling fungal infections. Colombo Alparex Anti Parasite treats invisible Parasites – which cause grey skin disease such as Ichtyobodo (Costia), Chilodinella and Trichodina. These presence of these parasites can on be determined with a microscope. Symptoms of an infection include listlessness, flashing/flicking and reduced appetite. White Spot – caused by Ichtyophthirius or Ichtyo Fungus – most caused by Saprolegnia. Can be recognised by the appearance of greyish white, cotton-like growths on the skin and/or gills.

Colombo Alparex 250 ml will treat a 5000 Ltr pond. (1100 Gallons) Colombo Alparex 500 ml will treat a 10000 Ltr pond. (2200 Gallons) Colombo Alparex 1000 ml will treat a 20000 Ltr pond (4400 Gallons).

Colombo Alparex Dosage: Day 1 – 25ml per 1000 litres of pond water Day 2 – 25ml per 1000 litres of pond water Colombo Alparex Composition Acfriflavine HCL 20mg/ml Malachite Green 2mg/ml

PLEASE NOTE: Please read the instructions carefully you MUST have a Kh of 5 or more before using Colombo Alparex

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250ml (treats 5000l), 500ml (treats 10000l), 1000ml (treats 20000l), 2500ml (treats 50000l)