Sinking Sturgeon Pellets


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Our no-nonsense packaged High Quality sinking food for all sturgeon species over 8″.

Remember: Sturgeons require feeding all year round.


Sinking Sturgeon Pellets

Don’t be put off by the no frills packaging. Our Sinking Sturgeon Food is up there with the best! 4mm Pellets to suit all sizes of Sturgeons. Sturgeons require a significantly different diet to Koi and they can get all they need from our specially developed foods.

Protein 39 – 41%, Fat 19-22%, Crude Fibre 1.5-2.5%, Ash 4-7%, Phosphorous 0.7%, Calcium 1.1%, Sodium 0.3%


Wheat, poultry blood meal, sunflower meal, rape oil, hydrolysed feather protein meal, fishmeal, monocalcium phosphate.

Contains Vitamins A and D3, Anitoxidants and Minerals

It is important to feed your sturgeons all year round.


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