Pond/Aquarium Dechlorinator – 5 Litres


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Mix your own Pond dechlorinator. 100% fish safe. Save £££


14 in stock

Save £££ on premixed Dechlorinator. Buy ours and just add water!

Mix with 5 litres of de-ionized water for best results. (Using Tap water will have a negligible effect on the effectiveness, but it will remove the chlorine from the tap water in the mix).

Enough to treat 25000 gallons (11360 litres).

Each pack contains 5l ‘Jerry’ can, measuring cup and pre-measured dry mix chemical.

Be sure to wear appropriate safety wear as you would for any chemicals.

100% fish safe (Treatment rates are well withing tolerable limits. Overdosing at 2 x the recommended rate would have no impact on your fish).

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