Summer News 2019

Well what a mixed bag of weather for the summer. High temperatures followed by persistent rain! This has brought a number of issues and caused some havoc in ponds up and down the country. We have had a large number of call outs to poorly koi.

Perfect Parasite Weather

With the ups and downs in the temperatures it has been ideal conditions fro the parasites to get a head start on the fish. Whilst the route cause for parasites entering a healthy pond is subject to much discussion, it is a fact that we should check our fish routinely (observation is key) for unusual behavior or a change in appearance. Mucus samples (known as scraps) are easy to complete and identify accurately the parasite(s) present and then an accurate treatment can be advised or administered. I cannot advise trying a ‘blind’ treatment as there is no one size fits all solution. If you require advice or wish to use our health check services please contact us.

Fish Fish Fish!

We have our summer range of fish in stock and available for delivery! Goldfish, Koi, Sturgeon, fancy goldfish and plants are available to order with delivery to your door! Check out the newest products or browse the catagories for something that catches your eye!


Dry goods

We have a national supplier for dry goods and will be updating the website to include a vast array of dry products. This is very time consuming so if there is a filter or pump you are particularly interested in, please drop us a message. We will probably be able to help!

Nexus 220

Fish fame and fortune

Those that follow the facebook page will have seen our project on behalf of Broxtowe Borough Council that saw yours truly on the TV multiple times at the end of March. The press coverage was great and the message is clear. Please don’t dump ornamental fish into the wild!

For those that missed it, here are a list of some of the articles on the interweb detailing the work we carried out: