Pond Visit by MF Aquatics

Mat was the second ‘pond guy’ I called after having another out to find out why the fish were dying. After the first visit from the other guy, I called MF Aquatics and Mat was at my house that evening.

Firstly he tested the water, taking notes, and then checked 6 of the fish over for parasites using a microscope.

He identified that the initial diagnosis was incorrect by the first company and that my fish were suffering from a fluke infestation which was in turn causing irritation to the fish and causing them to damage themselves causing infection, and in some cases the death of the fish.

He showed me the flukes under the microscope and also the course of treatment necessary to resolve this. More importantly, he explained the importance of testing the water quality to ensure the fish are in their best health.

After the initial fluke treatment and correction of the water parameters, a follow up visit was done by Mat to establish if the treatment was successful, which thankfully it was. A second course to treat any infection was then started.

Whilst I was keen to replace some fish, MF Aquatics would not supply me any until Mat was happy that the issue was fully resolved. Which after 3 weeks, the green light was given and I bought 10 small Koi.

Mat provided a full written report on what the issues were and recommendations for now and the future, along with treatments to be used and when they should be used to solve the problem.

All fish are now in good health and I check my water quality regularly. Mat is really down to earth and is keen to show you that prevention is better than cure. He has all of the kit you might need, but also takes the time to show you how to use it. He’s not there to sell you something you don’t need.

If you think the cost of a call out is high, think about the cost of replacing your fish if they all died.

Mick – Eastwood, Nottingham