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Wakin Goldfish Calico/Sakura 7″ (18cm)


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Rare Calico Wakin Goldfish for Garden Ponds.

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1 in stock

Wakin Goldfish

Large Calico or Sakura Wakin Goldfish as pictured. Heavy twist in tail.

Wakin goldfish are a variety of goldfish that displays the twin tail. Very common in Asia where the Wakin Goldfish is more common than our own single tail varieties. They are usually available in Red, red and white and sometimes calico. The are suitable for aquariums and ponds. These are UK bred Calico Wakin that are extremely rare (we cannot find any others for sale in the UK!) . They are lower grade fish that are now available. They may have fused or slightly twisted tails but are lovely little fish otherwise. They are being sold at a reduced cost taking into account their faults.

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