Trapdoor Snails – Viviparus viviparus


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Trapdoor snails for your pond or aquarium.



Trapdoor Snails – Viviparus viviparus

Trapdoor snails are a nice addition to a wildlife type pond or aquarium. They can reach sizes of almost 2″ and are less prolific breeders than most snail species as they are not hermaphrodites. They require males and females to reproduce. As its latin name suggests, it is a viviparous (oviviparous) snail, a rare phenomenon among snails.The female gives birth to live young, after producing eggs that hatch internally.

The animal can lock itself behind a round lid adorned with concentric striations (the operculum), allowing it to protect itself-for several months if necessary – from dehydration. Hence the name trapdoor snail.

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