Stellatus Sturgeon – 18 – 20″ (45 – 50cm)


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Stellatus or Starry Sturgeon. Not commonly available. Very placid sturgeons that retain their colour as the grow. Suitable for ponds in excess of 2000 gallons.

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Stellatus Sturgeon

Stellatus Sturgeon (Acipenser Stellatus), Stellate or Starry Sturgeon are a slimmer bodied Sturgeon that retain their vibrant markings as the grow. They feature small white ‘stars’ (hence the name) along their flanks which become more visable as they grow. They can potentially reach sizes over 4ft. They are keen swimmers and spend hours circling the pond looking for food.

The Stellatus Sturgeon is one of the rarer varieties to find now in aquatic centres. Particularly at a reasonable size.