Shubunkins 4-6″ (10 – 15cm)


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Shubunkin bred in the UK. Suitable for Garden ponds and larger aquariums.




Shubunkin are a beautifully colourful ‘common’ fancy goldfish type. Often seen in many ponds and aquariums. Shubunkin range in colour variations with Black Spots, Blues, Red, Yellow and White. These are UK bred fish and are superb quality. They can reach large sizes in excess of 12 inches.

Shubunkin will peacefully mix with all other varieties of fish, however, they are significantly quicker than more Fancy Goldfish types and can out compete them.

If you need any advice on appropriate homes please give us a call.

We cannot ever recommend ‘Goldfish Bowls’ as a suitable living space for any fish!

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