Oase Filtoclear Range


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Oase Filtoclear range.

  • Clear water guaranteed through the ideal combination of filter, pump and UVC technology
  • Convenient cleaning thanks to patented Easy Clean Technology
  • Almost invisible integration in the environment



Oase Filtoclear Range

The Oase Filtoclear range of Pond Filters are designed to make light work of cleansing the water in your pond. With a variety of sizes and capacities, even the largest pond can benefit. The units can be placed below and above ground level, and are incredibly versatile in any landscape.

Each pressurised filter contains a multi stage filtration process containing an Ultra Violet clarifier, mechanical and biological filter media.

The water passes in front of the Ultra Violet light and all algae cells are clumped together for removal. Foam filter media then removes these clumps, plus other particles of waste and debris from the water. Biological media promotes the growth of bacterial colonies which beak down and consume nitrates and other elements which can cause major water issues.

This clever unit also has an indicator light to monitor UV function and pollution levels and integrated UV reflectors to ensure maximum exposure to the light.

To clean the unit, simply push down the handle in the top of the unit to depress the filter sponges and release dirty water via the waste outlet and away from your pond.



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