Chagoi – 29″ (74cm)


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Huge Chagoi as Pictured.

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1 in stock


This is a huge framed fish. An absolute gentle giant! However, there are a few issues that are reflected in the price (fish this size are normally in the thousands!). She is a Japanese fish but alas there is no breeder paperwork available. She is also rather large on the frame size! That said, quite the personality in the pond!

We are happy to send videos and images of her in the main pond to seriously interested parties. We strongly suggest you arrange a visit to see her in the flesh though!

PLEASE NOTE: We will not ship this fish. She is too large/heavy to courier. Please call or email us if you are interested in her. We can arrange collection or delivery (we can work out a cost for us to send in our vehicle).

Chagoi are a firm favourite among koi keepers. Their hungy nature and friendliness are said to tame other koi in the pond. They often reach extrememly large sizes and out grow every other fish! Chagoi roughly translates to Tea – Koi. Hence the phrase ‘cup of cha’.


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