Calico Ranchu 6″ (15-16cm)


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High Grade Calico Ranchu at 15-16cm.


1 in stock

Calico Ranchu

Country of Origin: China


Single/Double Anal Fin: Single

Sex: Female

These are fish from our 2020 import and are fully quarantined in the UK and ready for shipment. These are high grade fish and stunning examples of type! They are graded as BB as reality is that AAA grade fish do not leave the country of origin except for an absolute premium! Many of our high grade fish have been show winners over the years and these are no exception.

Ranchu are an unusual fish as they have no Dorsal Fin. Popular fish to add but not to be mixed with faster goldfish as they may not get a look in at feeding time.  These fish are ideal to grow in your aquarium. They are a little less hardy than some of the other fancy goldfish and require a little more knowledge and experience to keep. They can have varying levels of head growth (wen). The Calico Ranchu is a popular very colour variation. Ranchu are also found in Black, White, Red and variations of. The pictured fish is the Calico Ranchu you will receive.

These Calico  Ranchu are not suitable for outside ponds.

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