Calico Pearlscale – 5 – 6″ (13-15cm)


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UK Bred Calico Oranda bred by award winning breeder Rebecca Wilson of Ranchu River Goldfish


1 in stock

Calico Pearlscale

Country of Origin: UK

Breeder: Ranchu River Goldfish

Sex: Male

Double or Single anal fins: Double

UK Bred Calico Pearlscale bred by award winning UK breeder, Rebecca Wilson of Ranchu River Goldfish. Hatched 1 March 2019 and show winner that year at the AMGK annual open show on 29th June that same year! WOW!

Wow! 😍 Who needs diamonds with Pearls this big!

Posted by MF Aquatics on Friday, 22 May 2020

A large fish that has excellent finnage and is a true centrepiece. A stunning fish looking for a large home where he can be truly appreciated!

These goldfish are not suitable for outside ponds.

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