Calico Oranda
Calico OrandaCalico Oranda

Calico Oranda 4″ (10cm)


Lovely little Calico Oranda at 4″.

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Product Description

Calico Oranda

Country of Origin: Singapore

Sex: Sold as unsexed

Double or Single anal fins: Mixed – Standard grade fish.

These lovely little Calico Oranda are available to grace your aquarium. Bright, Multi coloured and very popular. They can reach sizes in excess of 7″.

They will require a well maintained aquarium. These Calico Oranda are peaceful fish and social so fishy friends would be prefered.

We cannot select from the pictures as individual fish may have sold. Pictures represent actual quality and are images of current or previous stock.

These are a standard quality Calico Oranda and may have single or double anal fins.

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