Calico Demekin 4-5″ (10 – 12.5 cm)


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Calico Demekin at 4-5″


Out of stock

Calico Demekin

Country of Origin: Indonesia

Farm Grade: BB

Sex: Unverified

Double or Single anal fins: Double

Demekin, also known as Dragon Eye, are one of the telescope family of goldfish. They differ from a Moor goldfish as they appear to have a more Ryukin body shape. Demekin can be found in a number of colours including, red, red and white, black and calico. There doesn’t appear to be a UK standard for these fish as yet as they are one of the newer and rarer varieties.

The pictured fish is the Calico Demekin you will receive.

A video including this fish can be seen here:

This stunning Calico Demekin is not suitable for outside ponds.

Weight 5.1 kg