Barbel 4-6″ (10 – 15cm)


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Barbel are one of out most interesting River Fish. They grow to large sizes, in excess of 25 inches, and are now often found in still waters. They will readily adapt to surface feeding despite being designed for bottom feeding in fast rivers. They possess great speed when required. They will do best in shoals of 2 or more and will often shoal with carp and koi.




Barbel (Barbus Barbus) are one of our most impressive native fish. Highly sought after by anglers up and down the country. They are now common place in most good aquatic stores, but usually at a small size. They are a mottled brown when young but loose this colour as they grow taking on a more bronze overall colour.

Whilst primarily a river fish, they are frequently found in stillwaters (and Garden Ponds) around the country. They will require lots of air and a good volume of water to thrive.

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