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Aquapulse Lite – Clear World Water.

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Aquapulse™ Water Technology www.clearworldwater.co.uk

Aquapulse is a revolutionary new product available in the aquatic industry. It is a natural water technology evolving from the agriculture and swimming pool water technology sector. We have been trialling the technology in our recirculating stock tanks here for around a year and have seen significant improvements ourselves.
The product demonstrated:
· A significant reduction in TDS levels.
· Ammonia and Nitrite levels were reduced, and far more stable and acceptable (requiring less water changes) and an overall improved clarity to water.
· In fish farming it has shown reduced feed requirements, enhanced skin tone and fish quality and growth as well as reducing fish mortality.
After our successful evaluations of the product here at MF Aquatics, the developers of the technology have produced Aquapulse Lite, a scaled down version of the commercial product and available for the fish keeper and hobbyist. It can be added to aquariums and pond filtration for improved results. It is now available through MF Aquatics.
Extremely easy to install and maintain, and has a two year lifespan. For more case studies and information on its applications worldwide please visit the Clear World Water Technology’s web site.

What is Aquapulse?

Aquapulse is a high grade stainless steel phial containing a compound of Feldspar stones sourced from South America and Asia. After going through a natural treatment process (no chemicals are involved in the manufacturing process), each of these natural ingredients makes small changes to the physical make up of water at molecular level.

Pond Capacity

Normally stocked Pond – 1 unit per 14000 Litres (3080 UK Gallons)
Heavy Stocked Pond – 1 Unit per 7000 Litres (1540 UK Gallons)

Aquapulse Lite Installation and Usage Instructions

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