AquaForte O Series Plus Vario Pumps


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AquaForte O Series Plus Vario Pumps

  • The AquaForte Vario pond pumps are very quiet.
  • The AquaForte Vario pump is ideal for fresh and salt water.
  • The AquaForte ‘O’ Plus series does not contain copper parts.
  • All pumps are equipped with a wear-resistant, ceramic axle.
  • The AquaForte ‘O’ Plus pond pump switches off automatically if there is no water in the rotor (dry-running protection).
  • When the impeller is blocked, the pump is blocked, which means that no further current is consumed until the blocking is released again.
  • Suitable for streams, waterfalls, fountains, filters, etc.
  • Also suitable for dry installation (inlet must be below the water level, since not self-priming!).
  • Can promote dirt particles up to 6 mm.



AquaForte O Series Plus Vario Pumps

Specially designed for underwater applications. With the external controller you can adjust the fl ow (and thus the energy consumption) from 30% to 100%. The controller can also start/stop the pump (pause button). Provided with synchronous motor and wearproof ceramic shaft for long time use. Automatic power-off protection when running dry. When the impeller is blocked it will go into a “lock” position in which the pump does not use power and waits until the blockage is gone. This will prevent a motor burn out.

Type Art. nr. Watt Flow Max. Head
O-Plus Vario 10.000 RD721 15-85 4-9m³/u 5 mtr.
O-Plus Vario 20.000 RD723 34-187 9-20m³ 7 mtr.
Weight 9.5 kg

DM-O Plus 10000, DM-O Plus 20000