Albino Sterlet – 22 – 25″ (55-64cm)


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A large size Albino Sterlet to make an instant impact in any pond. These can take a number of years to get to this size.


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Albino Sterlet

The Albino Sterlet Acipenser Ruthenus – The Albino Sterlet is one of the most popular Sturgeon species and is compatible with smaller ponds as it reachers a smaller overall size. That said, 30″ specimens are not unachievable.  Most commonly found in the normal Dark and Albino Sterlet varieties, other colour variations are now appearing such as light grey/silver.

It requires a well aerated pond that does not reach a high overall temperature in the summer. Albino Sterlet’s require a dedicated sinking food (not trout pellets) as they are bottom feeders.

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