Panda Butterfly Moor
Panda Butterfly Moor

Panda Butterfly Moor 4-5″ (10-13cm) 2


The superb Panda Butterfly Moor at 4″ – Unsexed

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Panda Butterfly Moor as pictured

Panda Butterfly Moors are quite rare but extremely popular fancy goldfish. We have limited stock of these. These are highly sought after fish as they are one of the newer varieties. Patterns may vary but a good balance of Black and White is considered the most appealing. They are stunning little Panda Butterfly Moors and in a good graded quality with solid black and clean white.

The highest grades of these fish change hands for many hundreds of pounds! However, they are not currently recognised as a class in most goldfish shows or societies in the UK.

Lower grade fish will often have red stomachs that can indicate a colour change to red over a period of time. The black colour is notoriously unstable and does best in a harder water area.

These goldfish are not suitable for outside ponds.


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