Gold Rainbow Trout
Gold Rainbow Trout

Gold Rainbow Trout – 3 – 4″ (7.5-10cm)


Gold Rainbow Trout 2-3″

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Gold Rainbow Trout

These Gold Rainbow trout, also known as the Palamino,  are a brightly coloured variation! A must for any pond and very different! Rainbow Trout are a game fish found through out the UK. They are farmed on a huge scale and are a great sport and table fish. They also make a very interesting pond fish for those that have large ponds. They require excellent water conditions (the same as Koi and Sturgeons). Rainbow Trout grow exceptionally quickly and are very active all year round. They can also be predatory so it is not advised to mix with small fish that may get eaten. They can also become quite tame after a short while.

Rainbow Trout can also be used in aquaponics systems quite successfully.

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