Gin Rin Shiro Utsuri
Gin Rin Shiro Utsuri

Gin Rin Shiro Utsuri – 10-12″ (25 – 30cm)

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Gin Rin Shiro Utsuri as pictured 12″.

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Gin Rin Shiro Utsuri

Utsuri means reflections in Japanese, and the pattern of a good Utsuri should be roughly inverted across the fish’s back, almost like a checkerboard . Most seen are the Shiro Utsuri a black Koi with white markings all over the body and head but there is also the Hi (red)and Ki(yellow) versions. Kin Ki Utsuri is a metallic Ki Utsuri. This fish is a Gin Rin (mettalic scaled) Shiro Utsuri.

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